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December 12, 2015 - Belmont had his first jump school today and did fantastic - a bit of an over achiever.

November 28,  2015 - Belmont did his first off property clinic at Stonehaven.  He handled his outing very well and Michele  Mueller was great with the son of her former horse Taz (Been Jazzin).

November 15, 2015 -  Accompanying Lilly over to Dreamcrest today, Belmont had his first trailer ride, first off property, a pony through the water and handled the experience very well.

November 8, 2015 -  Bravestrom also attended the Tom Dvorak clinic - we did two days - the first day consisting mostly of reviewing how through and strong Strom is and how well he does all that is required for a third/fourth Level dressage horse.  His strength for collection work and response to the aids are amazing.  Some flying changes and lots of lateral work were easily demonstrated at the level required.  Our  second day consisted of exercises designed to improve our flying changes and lateral work in preparation for showing Fourth Level in 2016.   I can not express how thrilled I was with how advanced he is and am so  excited for our future.

November 8, 2015 - Most of the fall has been very busy with training for both  my horses in anticipation of the clinic with Tom Dvorak.  All our hard work paid of tenfold.  Brittania was absolutely fantastic and well on her way for first level next year.  She has made great strides (pun intended) in her balance at the canter, steadiness in the contact, straightness at trot and canter as well as her impulsion.   Her ability to handle every situation and how happy she is to work under saddle makes me very proud.


We are so excited about our upcoming foal out of Prospect's Free Spirit by Donnegan (Hanoverian) Due Late April 2016

More pics of Lilly from Dreamcrest by our friend Gloria McKim - of special note is the smile on Stephen's face going through the water.

August 30, 2015 - A great day for Stephen and Lilly at Dreamcrest Training Level today. Best dressage ever - 64% -53.3 penalties with 4 7's and one 7.5 - 2 rails in stadium and a great cross country over a very tough course - 2 run outs and still within time - so probably a little fast. They had a blast and are really starting to get their Training level legs in place.

August 28/29 2015 - Cornerstone Summer Dressage Show

Bravestrom showed Third Level Test 1 on Friday and we were back again on Saturday for Test 2.  Friday was a great day.  Strom was relaxed and very light - the best he has ever been as far as listening to me and being soft and rideable.  I was so proud of him.  For the first time Flying Changes were under control and we received some 7's and a score of 57% - placing 6th out of 10.    On Saturday the dominant Strom was more evident and it was a bit of a tougher test.  Controlling the changes is still challenging and an unexpected extra change own the centre line at the end of the test proved to affect our score but we still finished with 53% and 7th place.  

August 28/29, 2015 - Cornerstone Summer Classic Gold Dressage Show - So very proud of my 5 year old Mare.  Brittania is an absolute star.  Over a 13% increase in score for the same test since May.  She placed 8th out of 11 with a score of over 63% with 4 7's on her Training Level Test 1 on Friday.  Saturday was a great warmup but a little sticky in the ring.  I think two days and the heat had a bearing but still a respectable  score of 57%.  I am so excited about my young mare.  She is so special.


August 23, 2015 - Lanes End Horse Trials - Training  - A relaxed dressage and their first clear Stadium Round.  Unfortunately an unplanned dismount on fence 3 on Cross Country ended the day.

July 2015

July 23, 2015 - First Training Level Event completed by Lilly - Placed 9th out of 17.  Clear Cross Country, good dressage and one rail in stadium

Lilly also met her sister


Bravestrom and I featured under third level training on Dressage today.


Video of Odin in the commercial for Bark in the park

Click here to watch Video of Odin

July 6, 2015 - Lilly and Stephen went over to Dreamcrest today to school the training level xc since they didn't go at the show because of the weather. They had a blast and answered every question without issue. Oh Yeah!!!!!

Some historical Pictures of our farm - Purchased 29 years ago today - June 29, 1986.  Click on the thumbnail for a better look

July 28, 2015 - The worst rain we have ever seen for an event hit Dreamcrest this weekend. Stephen's second event at Training Level and we decided to pull out of stadium and xc since he had only had a chance to school once this year. The ground was saturated and many riders pulled out. However, he had his best dressage ever with many 7's even though they were swimming through the ring. Scored 65.5% - 51.8 penalties.  Many riders withdrew because of the conditions.


 June 14, 2015 – Show Report –Bluestar Farm Dressage Show:
It was a busy show day. Both of my horses, Bravestrom and Brittania did two tests each – first time I have had to remember 4 tests in one day. Times were tight and the switching around of horses/tack was quite a challenge. Very glad that our new working student Lucy was up to the task of show groom and for her first time she was fantastic and also proved to be a great photographer.
This was our first time showing this year and after last year’s intro into third level, felt that there was a vast improvement, especially in the first test where – for the first time we got both our changes in the correct place. Almost cracked 60 with a score over 58 (last year our scores were in the very low 50s) with some 7s in there. Broke stride on our canter volte both times and activity needs to increase a bit more but I was very happy with test 3-1. For our second test, I messed up the timing as I thought there were still delays because of an incident early in the day – so we were a bit rushed through our warm up. Notwithstanding that – we got few 7’s but still struggled with our canter half pass to flying change including an unplanned leap in the air – that resulted in a 2 for that movement. Even with that we scored over 56%. If we could nail the hp to fc both ways we would definitely crack 60.

A vast improvement in Brittania in just a month was evident in our tests. In May her first training level tests were tentative and not very forward at the beginning of the show. In just a month of work our contact and forwardness has come a long way. Both of her tests had delays before getting into the ring – one because of a competitor’s accident in the warmup and another was a rain delay. Despite that and the rush of changing tack with Strom she handled the show day extremely well. Our first test went splendidly with four 7s and nothing below 5.5 –finishing with 61.957%. Of particular note was that our first canter transition/circle received a 7. Our second test – t-2 – was in the pouring rain. She was not happy about that and being a mare it showed. Our score was still respectable at 57.885%.

May 26, 2015 - Well we have some changes here at Prospect to announce. Mitch will now take over the ride on Prospect's Belmont while his mare - Allie (Freedom Z) will be bred to the Hannoverian Stallion Donnegan for (fingers crossed) an April 2016 foal. Very excited for our first Hannoverian foal.

May 14, 2015

Belmont is starting his life as a real sport horse with more regular training sessions.  Not bad for having a rider on him only 12 times.  Even did a canter at the end (unfortunately I ran out of room on the card to tape it.




May 9, 2015 - Day 2 of Palgrave (Cornerstone dressage) Brittania placed 4th out of 8 today - training Test 2. we got over 60 even with the error (first canter circle in the wrong place) - 60.385 in fact at her first Gold Show (2nd show ever and 11th time off property) we got five 7's - one for our track right and first circle, one for our canter transition one of our canter circle X2 and one for our trot transition down. Beginning of the test better than the end - but over 10% better than our first test yesterday. Canter has been a challenge for us and we have been working on it a lot. It really paid off. 2 days of showing and she was pretty darn happy to go out into the field. Needed to be lead down into the ring as she was rearing at the entrance. Lucky our coach was there.

May 8, 2015 - Brittania handled the huge excitement of palgrave all by herself with just a couple blips. She kept wanting to stop in the first test - so there was lots of clucking as she didn't apparently feel my legs (lots some marks). But she stayed in the ring, got transitions when asked and left the ring in a very relaxed manner. My boo boo in the first test - test of choice - thought I had marked test 2 but it was test 1 - so had the bell rung - luckily judge let me finish test 2. Pics from the first test - ended with 50%.  Second test with Brittania at Palgrave went much better. Luckily greenhawks had some blunted spurs - been thinking about adding them since she needs to be sharper to the leg. Made a huge difference - plus I was more relaxed and our coach was able to make it. Unfortunately I forgot to take off her bell boots and got eliminated (oops) but our score was 57% and we even got a 7 - not bad for the 10th time off property - first time doing training level and first gold show (second show ever).

May 7, 2015 - Prospect's Brittania is all dressed up and ready to debut at her first Gold Show tomorrow at Palgrave. This 5 yr old is still a little bum high.

April 26, 2015 - A great day at the Grandview Combined today. Best and most consistent dressage test yet - and 2nd training level - 6's and 6.5's across the board - and the most relaxed Lilly has ever been - Stephen was all smiles and thrilled with his test. 2 rails in Training Stadium, but not bad considering they have only jumped a few times all winter.

April 18, 2015 - Tom Dvorak Clinic - Despite a little attitude at loading on the trailer, Strom was fantastic yesterday. Tom saw much improvement in our trot and canter work. Our half passes at trot were great. We worked on our counter canter (had a few nice changes - unasked for though). His fitness level has dramatically increased from last year and the work is so much easier for him.


April 18, 2015 - Tom Dvorak Clinic  - What a fantastic day. So proud of how hard and well both my horses worked yesterday. Brit was a total solid citizen - less than a dozen times off property and she behaved like a seasoned pro with just one or two neighs in the arena. She was never tense and we had some of the best trot and canter work yet. Tom was very positive and helpful - a continuation on what Mel and I are working on already.  Now that she is going nicely we are able to push the forward button more and start asking for more. To know we are going in the right direction (although we already knew that) and to be able to do everything that was asked of us was so much fun.


April 19, 2015 - Monty is now Walking and Trotting with a rider.

April 16 2015 - Strom and I in Dressage Today Clinic in the May 2015 issue.

April 11, 2015 - Monty having a working session

March 30,2015 - Passport Picture for Prospect's Brittania in preparation for the show season.

Pic of the browband for Strom - matches the stock pin on my stock.


February 16, 2015 - Lots of fun after a fresh snowfall after an indoor day because of the cold.

February 10, 2015 - a beautiful sunny day and perfect snow conditions - everyone went for a hack in the snow.

New Satin Dressage Stock Tie Bib- very proud of my first prototpe and second model - no more tying a stock tie, it velcros on and covers your top - so you can wear a tank under on hot days.  The pin is permanently attached too.  Now looking at a few different options -lace tie, different colours - soft grey, light blue, cream, pink and maybe lilac.  Also working on matching browbands.





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